“Huge Project and immense Logistics. Absorbing talk on “Stories to Tell”. Very great Chairperson who spoke with zest and passion. Lovely Vegetarian Biryani.” – Yusuf Garda


“The festival was a huge success, and I would like to congratulate again for organising it so well. A few suggestions – The panels that began immediately after the opening were all delayed. Zara Valli was one of the panellists who didnt make it to our panel discussion as well. Many of the readers who joined in the discussions were also late. Maybe for next year there can be a 30 minute meet and greet session in the main hall section, before people have to disperse off to the various discussions? – The kiddies part of the programme was aimed towards very young children (was suitable for children under 8) That left a large number of children in the tween category (8-12) complaining about boredom. A suggestion for next year would be a more interactive session for that particular age group. So instead of just a children’s session, think about a foundation phase children’s session, and then a dedicated tween session. One name that comes into my mind is Elizabeth Wasserman, a South African author who’s written a book aimed at that specific demographic. Except for these, I think it was brilliant. Well organised and well executed. Looking forward #Jozisbbf2018!”    – Author Ayesha Desai, Jasmine in the Wind


“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of leading the discussion with Achmat. You have initiated and organised a fantastic & important event.” – Hasina Kathrada


“Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this amazing Festival, it was great to see likeminded people revel in what they love best. My session was interesting and interactive in the nicest way with the authors discussing a lot of what I had prepared for them and more. The audience gave lovely insights into their experiences of books they have read.I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the rest of the Festival, there was a diverse set of people to interact with. To make next year’s Festival interesting enough for everyone including this year’s attendees may I suggest you add scriptwriters and/actors to share their journeys. Also maybe have less sessions to choose from so that the scheduled ones have a greater audience, we did see small numbers in some rooms, including where Achmat Dangor was.” – Rafiq Jajbhay


 “A splendid event, honoured to have been there.” – Author Achmat, Dangor Bitter Fruit


“Jozisbbf2017 was a huge success and you are really to be congratulated on the enormous organisational skill and enthusiastic energy you put into it. The line-up of speakers and panellists and facilitators was frankly, awesome, as were the varied and interesting exhibitors. I was particularly glad to see that some of the constructive suggestions from last year (which in itself was phenomenonal for an inaugural fair), taken into consideration, including the need for an interval of time between sessions, and the necessity of having a more diverse speaker line up. As we have discussed, for me, the one glaring gap that still exists is the lack of racial diversity of the audience. I am not, by any means, suggesting that people need to be brought in from far afield, but the Lawley settlement is literally in Lenasia and Eldorado Park is next door. If a couple local libraries and/or two or three Lenasia schools that have a large intake from Lawley, and perhaps one or two from Eldos, are incentivised to come and participate, and transport is arranged (perhaps through sponsors), I think that would be a relatively easy way of expanding the current audience demographic. In my opinion, this is of particular significance in the current political moment, when narrow ethnicity is being, once again, manipulated for cheap politicking. Once again, thank you for including me in your line-up. It was a privilege and great fun to participate.”  – Political Analyst, Ayesha Kajee


“I am still awestruck by the festival because I am still new in this space and have a lot of firsts. I found the process you employed to engage with us transparent and easy to comply with. At no point did I find that I had to eke out information and this made things easy to plan. The event was scheduled and communicated well in advance for me to find out about it and request to participate. The venue was not hard to find. The program was interesting and I enjoyed my panel discussion. The support personnel were helpful and friendly. My author table was conveniently positioned next to the booksellers’ stall and I got to see the festival attendees perusing the books and draw on some patterns.” – Author Tumelo Moleleki, Their Hope