Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival 2016 a raving success! 
#Jozisbbf2016 was all that we envisioned the day to be:
  1. Everybody came on board and collaborated together to do their part and make this event successful. 
  2. Authors and bloggers engaged with each other and with readers to connect and share processes of reading and writing. 
  3. The whole experience of reading and writing became real for everybody.
 The atmosphere in the school hall and in the school library was spirited, vibrant and full of zest. People bought books, spoke about books and the authors met with readers and signed books. The children were well entertained in reading and writing activities. The teen sessions were well received. The day was interactive for people of all ages. We collected R4370 from ticket sales which goes to the Alpha Primary School Library. 
Thank you to all who were involved.
From the Jozisbbf Team



It was an honour to be part of #Jozisbbf2016, which was a superb event thanks to you and your Team! What struck me the most was that it was the first literary event which felt like ‘our space for our voices’ (that doesn’t mean that our multi-cultural society wasn’t well represented).  We had a beautiful mix of artists and ethnicities. It’s been exactly a week since the ‘first’ and I can only think that #Jozisbbf will take its place on the map of literary events as it grows. My highlight was meeting my hero Mr Ahmed Essop (Fangirl moment :))


Many thanks
Yours in reading


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