Abdul Samed Bemath

Abdul Samed Bemath is a freelance librarian, bibliographer and indexer. He has compiled three bibliographies on the works of Ali Mazrui covering the period 1962 – 2016.

Achmat Dangor_photo

Author Achmat Dangor

Achmat Dangor  has been a writer and political  activist from a young age. During  the  turbulent 1970’s,  he helped found a group call “Black Thoughts” who did “Illegal” readings in townships to  introduce young people to the work of  “3rd World” writers,  including South African books banned  by  the Apartheid  government.   He has also worked for various development organisations,  including  the Kagiso  Trust,  the Nelson  Mandela  Children’s  Fund, the  Nelson Mandela  Foundation,  and  the  Ford  Foundation’s  Southern  Africa  office.  Now   retired,  he  devotes  himself  to  his  writing.  He  received  a  Lifetime  Achievement  Award   in 2015 from  the  South  African  Literary Awards  (SALA).


Ajitkumar Bapoo Gandabhai

Ajitkumar Bapoo Gandabhai is currently an administration Secretary of the NON RACIAL SPORT HISTORY PROJECT- GAUTENG and a volunteer teacher with the NGO Help2Read.


Ameera Patel

Ameera Patel is in the storytelling business and received recognition for this, being named one of the Mail & Gaurdian’s Top 200 young South Africans in 2016. She also received the Premier’s Special Recognition Award for Youth Excellence and Service in 2017. She is an actor, writer, theatre-maker and poet residing in Johannesburg. She read for a BA in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town in 2005 and in 2013 she received a distinction for her Masters in Creative Writing at Wits. Her debut novel Outside the Lines was longlisted for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize 2017.

Angelo photo

Angelo C Louw

A journalist by profession and an activist at heart, Angelo C Louw is a former magazine editor who uses his media experience and networks to support South African nonprofit organisations in their social justice advocacy. He has over a decade of print and digital publishing experience and has served as editor of three magazines. Louw was recognised for his work in youth activism and HIV awareness at the 2014 Nelson Mandela Community Leadership Awards and received special recognition at the 2013 New Generation Digital & Social Media Awards. He is also a Fulbright/Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow 2016-17.


Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Bestselling Author Ashleigh Giannoccaro writes edgy dark romance and erotic horror, self-published by choice she writes the stories others don’t dare. Currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband and two daughters Ashleigh enjoys writing stories that make you fall in love with the unlovable and leave you asking questions. When not writing she can be found with her kindle in a sunny spot reading or traveling with her family.


Mohamed Aslam Khota

As a budding writer, Mohamed Aslam Khota got his first opportunity to have articles published in the LENASIA TIMES in 1980. He covered mostly domestic and provincial cricket and the politics that surrounded sport and also wrote on community issues. By 1985 he joined the late Ameen Akhalwaya at THE INDICATOR. Ameen was influential in getting Aslam’s articles published in THE STAR and the WEEKLY MAIL as it was then. Aslam has since had feature articles published in magazines in India and Pakistan, in Cricket South Africa’s tour brochures, THE SUNDAY TIMES and the prestigious South African edition of the WISDEN Cricket magazine.  In late 2002 Aslam was commissioned by the Gauteng Cricket Board to produce a book detailing the history of cricket among the non-white races. ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE – TRANSVAAL CRICKETS JOYS STRUGGLES & TRIUMPHS was published in March 2003 to coincide with ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP.  Khota has also been a member of Cricket South Africa’s panel of judges for the Annual Awards since 2004. Since 2015 Khota has been the convenor of the panel and is tasked to write-up the booklet presented at the awards evening. Aslam is also a well-known radio and television cricket commentator and pundit and an occasional blogger.


Ayesha Desai

Ayesha Desai is a newly published author who has always being passionate about the written word however it is only recently that she has started to explore this in earnest. Her debut novel Jasmine in the Wind is Published by Prolance Publishers, based in the US.  She is a former contributing author to the Muslimah Bloggers website, and has previously blogged at raisingyoungbelievers.wordpress.com Ayesha enjoys writing short stories, and poetry, and hopes to publish an anthology of both. She is currently employed in a corporate sector, and writing allows her an avenue and opportunity to express herself creatively. She currently resides in Pretoria, is happily married and is a mum to 2 young children.


Writer Ayesha Kajee


Azhar Vadi

Azhar Vadi is a journalist, humanitarian and social activist. He also cycles for causes.


Bontle Senne

Bontle Senne is a South African writer, literacy and literary advocate. As a writer of fiction for children and teenagers, she was the shortlisted for the 2014 Golden Baobab Children’s Literature Prize – Africa’s largest children’s literature award. Her latest novel – Power of the Knife – is the first part of an Afrocentric adventure/fantasy trilogy for 9 – 12 year olds called “Shadow Chasers”. Bontle is currently a Board member at READ Educational Trust, one of South Africa’s oldest and largest education NGOs, and the innovative Puku Children’s Literature Foundation, working to bridge the digital and literary divide throughout South Africa. Bontle is also a part-owner of feminist trade publishing house Modjaji Books.


Dharmisha Cvetkovic

Dharmisha Cvetkovic is the author and illustrator of two children’s books – Who am I, and Geza & the Bee. Dharmisha runs Conscious Kids with a vision to bring out the best in children through education in mindfulness. Dharmisha also volunteers for an NGO called the Art of Living, in executive capacity as the Country Coordinator.

dr ela

Dr Ela Manga (The Energy Code)

Dr Ela Manga is the author and medical practitioner with 15 years experience in supporting individuals and teams to manage the effects of stress through her unique holistic approach that combines the principles of eastern philosophy, yoga, breathwork practices, mindfulness and western medicine principles. Her current focus is on energy management and the effects of burnout in today’s fast-paced environment. In her book, The Energy Code, she explores how to use mindfulness and breathing as a tools for wellbeing, self regulation, energy management and personal transformation. Her passion is to inspire conscious living as a way to support wellbeing. In her individual sessions, she partners with her clients to design personalized and long term health strategies that support the body’s self healing capability. She is the founder of Breathwork Africa, the first school of breathwork in Africa that provides training sessions for breathwork practitioners on the continent. Ela works in the corporate environment as a speaker and facilitator at wellness workshops and events.


Ejaz Khan

A multi-award winning radio producer and presenter, Ejaz Khan is not just “the traffic guy” for Radio Islam International. A self-described “wit dispenser” and “pundamentalist”, Ejaz is also an opinionista for the Daily Maverick website. His passion for football

– and Liverpool in particular –  led him to becoming a regular contributor to the English Premier League Index.  Ejaz has represented Gauteng for table tennis, and has also earned South African colours in cricket.  He is also a founding member of the Selecao Football Club in Lenasia.


Elaine Pillay

Teacher and Author Elaine Pillay (Zwai and the Little Creature)


Elinor Sisulu

Zimbabwean-born South Africa writer and human rights activist Elinor Sisulu combines training in history, English literature, development studies and feminist theory from institutions in Zimbabwe, Senegal and the Netherlands.

She is the author of the award-winning children’s book The Day Gogo Went to Vote. Her biography on her parents-in-law, Walter and Albertina Sisulu: In Our Lifetime secured her the prestigious 2003 Noma Award for publishing in Africa.

Elinor’s involvement in book promotion and literary development efforts for many years has culminated in her work with the Puku Children’s Literature Foundation. She has been a judge for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize, the Sanlam Youth Literature Prize, the Penguin Africa Writer’s Competition and currently, the Etisalat Prize for Literature.


Faheema Sahib

Faheema Sahib is a young, vibrant, outspoken freelance writer, magazine columnist, recently published author of a children’s book and finalist of the Essay Writing Competition by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, who, with a great love for children is also a tutor, speech writer and homework helper. Due to her passion of serving the less fortunate, she has also hosted events at Nirvana Haven, centre for the aged as well as the local children’s home within her personal capacity and aspires to continue.


Fakir Hassan

With a special passion for the entertainment industry, Fakir published his first book in 2010 titled ‘150 Bollywood Encounters – the South African Connection’ to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first indentured Indians to the country. An updated book ‘250 Bollywood Encounters’, telling candid tales of personal Bollywood experiences mainly on the African continent, was released in July 2011. His third book released in 2014, ‘A Thousand Inspirations – Reflections on 20 Years of Democracy’, is a coffee table collection of 410 stories and more than 600 photos of successes and achievements of the Indian South African community in Gauteng since 1994 in a wide range of areas, from Freedom Fighters and Philanthropy to Education, Culture and Sport. Last year Fakir published a limited edition of ‘Marabastad to Mayfair’, mainly for family and friends, recounting his life growing up in Marabastad in Pretoria and finally settling in Mayfair in Johannesburg. He released in collaboration with the Indian High Commission ‘101 Gandhian Inspirations’, a collection of articles and photographs by Fakir of Gandhian activities in South Africa since 1994, when the legendary Indian leader’s role in South Africa’s freedom struggle gained new impetus after the end of apartheid. Now retired after a long association with the SABC, Fakir has also written the book ’35 Years at the SABC’, which he launched as an autobiographical trilogy with the book on Marabastad and ‘The Spirited Decade – Living in Lenasia 1975 -1985’ about the different periods of his life. His latest book is ‘A Pictorial Tribute to Ahmed Kathrada’ and he is currently working on three more books for publication within the next year. Highly-lauded locally and internationally, among Fakir’s most prized accolades is a Samman Award from the Hindi Shiksha Sangh of South Africa and the Indian of the Year Award in 2012 from the Uttar Bharat Sewa Samaj for his work in promoting Indian culture in all South African communities through his writing and photography. In April 2012, Fakir was inducted into the prestigious Liberty Radio Awards Hall of Fame for his lifelong contribution to the industry. In May 2017, he was inducted as a patron of GOPIO Africa, the continental chapter of the Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin.


Fatima Moolla (Timeless Teens)

Fatima Moolla is a vibrant young girl who aspires to make a change in the world, through the influence of her words. Either by the might of the pen, where she had been a guest contributor at the age of 16 frequently submitting opinion pieces to Radio Islam’s, Opinion & Analysis section. As well as utilizing the power of her voice, through the medium of motivational speaking at youth talks & part time presenting on Radio Islam International with the hope of inspiring a soul. Fatima finds herself at the age of 20, being a wife as well as having achieved being a locally distinguished freelance writer & affluent blogger by the name of TIMELESS TEENZ – solely because she lives by the notion that , “Success lies in believing in yourself!”.


Fatuma Abdullah

Fatuma Abdullah is the creator of Akiki and the author of Akiki stories. She created Akiki to consciously enforce positivity in our African children by using characters that they can identify with.


Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers is the author of the Trinity Series of books for young adults and of two suspense novels for adults. She lives in Johannesburg with her family.


Fred Khumalo

Fred Khumalo is a journalist, political commentator and author of Dancing the Death Drill, Bitches’ Brew (which won the European Union Literary Prize 2006 and has been taught at UCT and UJ) and Seven Steps to Heaven, now a set-work at the University of South Africa. His autobiography Touch My Blood was shortlisted for the Alan Paton Prize for Non-fiction 2007. A stage adaptation of the book opened to full houses at the annual Grahamstown National Arts Festival in 2007, and was also performed at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg. His short stories have been published in various anthologies and won numerous awards. He holds an MA Creative Writing from the University of the Witwatersrand, a National Diploma in Journalism from the Durban University of Technology and was a Fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University (2011 – 2012). As a journalist, he has worked for numerous publications here and abroad, including the Sunday Times, The Toronto Star, New African and City Press, among others. An erstwhile TV show host, his journalistic work has won him numerous awards. He has held residencies at  the Maison des Ecrivains Etrangers et des Traducteurs (The House of Foreign Writers and Translators) in St. Nazaire, France; the Academy of the Arts of the World in Cologne, Germany; and theJohannesburg Institute for Advanced Study. His new bookDancing the Death Drill, inspired by and based upon the sinking of the SS Mendi, was simultaneously released in South Africa and the UK in February 2017, to coincide with the centenary commemoration of the historic sinking.


Hasina Kathrada

Hasina Kathrada has 24 years of experience in broadcasting and producing television news. A former prime time news anchor between 1993-2004, most of Hasina’s broadcasting  experience comes from working in TV news production at the SABC. She has been involved in various national news productions at the SABC, including local and national elections, and has also covered international events for the national broadcaster., including the unveiling of Nelson Mandela’s statue in Palestine last year. Hasina also worked as the Africa regional programme manager for the Dutch media NGO, Freevoice, where she was instrumental in establishing children’s news programmes in Africa.


Hinesh Vithal

Hinesh Vithal was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and he is immortal. Well, he wishes that he was. He has lived most of his life in a previously segregated area of the country, a place voracious with hopes and dreams. He attained his honours degree in financial management and began his career at a large corporation. Working in the corporate environment, Hinesh assumed many roles but has always had a pressing feeling; an elusive idea that there was something missing. Hinesh combed the corners of his mind trying to understand what this gap constituted of in an attempt to fill this void. This search led him to his early years where he had created short stories as well as a series of poems. Through this journey of self-discovery and a brief holiday with ardent animal lovers to the famous Kruger National Park; the National Park Trilogy was born. Hinesh still resides in Johannesburg and lives happily with his wife and son in an environment arguably devoid of any wild animals.


Jann Weeratunga

Jann Weeratunga was born in London in 1963. She has lived and worked in London, UK: Sri Lanka: UAE and Bahrain. Currently she lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was a Primary School Teacher and a Scout/Cub Leader for over 20 years. This she feels was a very good grounding for what Middle Grade Readers enjoy reading about. Polly’s Piralympics is the fifth children’s book she has written and was inspired by the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. In his closing speech, Sir Phillip Craven told of how a young boy was reading with his mother. In the book he saw a man with an eye patch, a hook for a hand, a parrot on his shoulder and a wooden leg. When asked who it was, he said: “Well he has only one leg, so he must be an Olympian.” Such was the strength of the London 2012 Paralympics that it changed peoples’ perceptions of disability forever. The speech made her both laugh and cry and gave her the inspiration for this series of books which are both unique in concept as well as content. Other books are: The Magic Vuvuzela (re: soccer and South Africa) and Peter’s Wimbledon Dreams (re: tennis and the UK) both self-published through Amazon. Tane’s Rugby Dream (re: Rugby and New Zealand) and Cricket Crazy (re: cricket and Sri Lanka) and as yet unpublished. She has also written over 100 poems published on the voicesnet.com website under Jan Weeratunga.


Jo Hamilton

Jo Hamilton, MEd (Psych), has been working with children and their families for over twenty years. An Educational Psychologist and primary school teacher with experience in a wide variety of educational settings and in private practice, Jo has developed a rich understanding of children’s development and great compassion for the many challenges they face growing up. Jo is the junior school psychologist at a leading private school in Johannesburg where she lives with her husband and two children. The Ultimate Assertiveness Toolbox for Kids is Jo’s first book, and is published by Clockwork Books.


Joanne Macgregor

When not writing, Joanne Macgregor is a counselling psychologist in private practice where she works mainly with victims of crime and trauma. Although she lives in the frenetic adrenaline-rush of the big city, Joanne has always been in love with nature, and escapes into the wilds whenever she can. She’s a Harry Potter fanatic, bakes the best choc-chip cookies on the planet, and is addicted to chilies and bulletproof coffee. She started her professional life as a high school English teacher and loves writing about, and for, teens. She is the author of several books for Young Adults, including Hushed, Recoil, Refuse, Rebel, Scarred, and for younger YA readers – Turtle Walk, Rock Steady and Fault Lines. She has also written one psychological thriller for adults, Dark Whispers, which has been translated into Afrikaans as Skadustemme.


Khadija Patel

Khadija Patel pushes words on the street corners. She is the Editor in Chief of the Mail & Guardian and co-founder of the Daily Vox.


Khalida Moosa

Khalida Moosa is interested in narratives which defy social norms.  She is attracted to writers who break boundaries around issues which address gender inequalities, sex and cultural stereotypes.  Her poem Words Swallowed was published in The #Coinage Book One.  She has previously hosted a community book club and enjoys liaising with writers and artists who open debate and discussion.  She is a passionate bookaholic who believes books can change the world.

dr layla

Dr Layla Cassim

Dr Layla Cassim is the owner and managing member of Layla Cassim ERS Consultants CC, a business that specialises in providing support to postgraduate students and researchers. She is a pharmacist by training and holds a PhD in Pharmacology. She has developed the Postgraduate Toolkit on CD, which assists postgraduate students across disciplines to complete their research projects.


Laylaa Khan

Laylaa Khan is a matric learner as well as an online author who has completed six books on an app called Wattpad. She loves traveling and meeting new people from all around the world. Her book That Nerd will be published by a US publishing house called Polyethnic Publishing.


Maimoonah Gori 

Maimoonah Gori is a self-published author. With a decade in the literacy field she has produced (add amount) of children’s Islamic books and novella. A creative at heart, Maimoonah’s Nur ul Kidz brand has created a range of niche Muslim gifting such as cards, magnets and notebooks. With a passion for teaching and the world of words, Maimoonah runs a qualified author who runs creative writing course for young minds and special needs kids. Annually they publish an anthology of stories and standalone books produced by young authors.


Michelle Nkamankeng

Michelle Nkamankeng is the award winner of the Mbokodo award (A girl of Promise Stories) and she was the best UNICEF tiny star for every child guitarist, pianist and public speaker.


Mumtaz Moosa Saley

Mumtaz Moosa Saley is a twenty-something vibrant beautiful Mum of four. She is also a blogger with a cause. Mumtaz runs four blogs with a following of thousands of people from all over the world.

Access her work online at:

Sold dream of Rohingya

Destination Gauntanamo Bay


Confessions of an addict.


Nadia Cassim

Nadia Cassim is the editor and founder of the online magazine Irtiqa and the contributing author of Riding the Samoosa Express: Personal Narratives of Marriage and Beyond.


Nadiera Sarek

Nadiera Sarek has been in the Entertainment and Creative Sector for a while now. She is an Events Manager, a presenter at Eastwave Radio and a talented henna artist. Her love for working and interacting with people is evident especially in her interaction with the local unsung heroes, a feature that she does on her Sunday show. She is an avid supporter of anything that uplifts the community and South Africa at large!


Naeem Mayet

Naeem Mayet is a digital strategist dabbling in websites, eCommerce and photography. He is the head of online at Autostyle.co.za which won 3 best automotive website awards. He also freelances at DigitalBoutique.co.za assisting small to medium sized businesses to get their foot in the online space with affordable solutions and development.

Naseema Moolla is a senior educator passionate about teaching and writing. She is a contributing author of Riding the Samoosa Express and is the author of a children’s book (Tasmiyyah Tell Tale). Naseema is a speech and play writer as well as a motivational speaker. Naseema believes that it is important to give back to society and through her writing; she aims to become a voice for the voiceless.


Nazli Hamilton

Nazli Hamilton got her start in journalism as a 17-year-old through the ‘Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work Day’ initiative, had a byline in The Star before her matric results were published in the same newspaper and hasn’t looked back since.

Under the guidance of the legendary Rodney Hartman, Nazli spent five years working as a sports reporter, carving out a niche in the Olympic sports field.  She travelled the world covering sports like netball, hockey, swimming and athletics with a focus on women’s sport. After paying her dues as a junior reporter, Nazli was awarded the ultimate assignment – she covered the Beijing Olympic Games for Independent Newspapers before returning home to take up the position of Sports Editor of the group’s Independent Online (IOL) website early the following year.

Nazli did eventually make it to university – after years of working as a reporter. She obtained a B.Hons in Journalism from Wits University in 2009.

With her studies out of the way and after gaining experience in the online space, Nazli left IOL to join the dynamic digital space within the SuperSport family where she now works as the Multi-Sport Editor across their websites, apps, mobiles sites and decoders, with a focus on Olympic sport throughout the African continent.

After almost 13 years in the industry Nazli has worked online, in print and dabbled in radio and television production. She’s now turned her focus to short-form online videos and co-hosts a motorsport show called Torquing Heads which lives on the SuperSport.com website and social media platforms.



Nozindaba is a storyteller, author, teacher and traditional healer. She has years of experience specializing in storytelling, Dance, Music and Arts and Craft.


Pamela Power

Pamela Power is a script writer and editor for the popular television show, Muvhango. She has written three novels: Ms Conception, Things Unseen and Delilah Now Trending. She lives in Johannesburg with the Husband, the Teen and the Daughter. She is a self-confessed social media junkie. You can find her on Twitter @pamelapower or check out her book vlog #BetweenTheSheetsWithPamela.


Priya Pitamber

Priya Pitamber, deputy editor for Brand South Africa

With honours in journalism from Wits University and 12 years of experience in her back pocket, Priya Pitamber has turned her natural eye for detail into a razor sharp tool for sub-editing. Her disciplined approach to writing has proved valuable, enabling us to tell stories with factual accuracy and tight grammar. She has previously worked as a journalist for City Press, Sawubona and South African Tourism, has contributed to Al Jazeera Magazine and was a social media strategist for three years.


Qarnita Loxton

Qarnita Loxton was born in Cape Town in 1974. She studied law at UCT. Being Kari is her first novel.


Rehana Moosajee

Rehana Moosajee is passionate about people, places, potential and planet. She is committed to creativity, collaboration and connection. In 2013 she created her own company – Rehana Moosajee Consulting. As the founder/owner she has been invited to various international platforms and her assignments have included amongst others: wellbeing economies, food systems, eco-mobility, place-making and staying connected to nature in rapidly urbanising contexts. Rehana’s style is characterised by bringing the richness of her life experiences authentically into her work – from retreats in Rajasthan, to business principles from Bhutan, to inter-faith/ inter-cultural tour of Turkey. She combines her professional training in education, with her years of community activism and a 13 year stint in local government with the deep learning she has gained from the opportunities that life has brought to her.

Rehana Shah-Bulbulia is a BA graduate, having majored in English, Arabic & Islamic Sciences and has recently completed her BA Honours (Cum Laude) in Islamic Sciences at the University of South Africa, as well as studying Tahfeedhul Quraan. She is the author of the bestsellers ‘Falling In Love With Muhammad SAW and Happily Ever After…Journey to Jannah’, and her recent release ‘Miracles ‘; she currently serves as a writer and journalist for the South African based print magazine-‘The Muslim Magazine’ for the past eleven years; is a teacher and the founder of Habibty Halaqah, based in Lenasia-South Africa, a circle of teaching and learning for ladies and girls, where she teaches Tahfeedhul Quraan, Seerah and Ahaadith; as well as being an International motivational speaker for ladies, having recently returned from a UK speaking tour of 13 cities and 11 programmes. Other writings by her also include serving as an editor of a local community newspaper for three and a half years; freelancing for community newspapers; as well as the scriptwriting of promos and adverts for Islamic Media.


Riyaaz Safi

Riyaaz is a die hard Bollywood fan and owns a Bollywood website/blog called CineTalkies.co.za with a following of thousands!! His website has a dedicated Facebook page that allows fans to interact with each other around topics related to their favourite movies, actors, songs and fashion. He is also a DJ and hosts the weekly Saturday breakfast show called #MorningMix for EastWave Radio!


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee is a freelance photographer and writer based in Johannesburg.

She has an MA in Creative Writing and is the winner of the 2014 Writivism Short Story prize. Her poetry has appeared in New Contrast, New Coin, Ons Klyntji, Aerodrome and the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry anthologies.

Access her work online at www.saaleha.com and www.shootcake.com. She also food blogs at www.icecreameveryday.co.za


Sabeeha Mosam

Sabeeha Mosam is a chartered accountant practising in corporate, specialising in Financial Services. She is also addicted to travelling which prompted her to start Tattoo My Passport, a travel blog narrating her travel experiences, in the hope of inspiring others to get bitten by the bug.


Saffiya Ismail

Saffiya Ismail is a contributing author of “Riding the Samoosa Express”. With a second submission for the next book. She has also edited a book “Islam – A Religion of Peace” by Saleem Ahmed. (Publishing House: Moving Pen – Hawaii)

Saffiya is a freelance writer and a columnist for Indian Spice. A former contributor for Women24, News24, “Ladysmith Gazette”, “Al-Qalam” with guest articles in Huffington Post. Saffiya was a former radio host of “My Perspective” on Radio Pietermaritzburg. She was nominated in the Cosmopolitan magazine for “Mover and Shaker of the Year”. She also received a 100% Human Award from East Coast Radio, for motivating teens.

Twitter: @Saffiya786

Instagram : saffiyaismail

Columnist : https://www.indianspice.co.za/about/meet-the-indianspice-team/

Email: saffiya19@gmail.com


Safiyyah Sujee

Safiyyah Sujee is a newly qualified chartered accountant and had made the top 50 students at UNISA in 2015. She is also a freelance writer for an international website called My Girl Squad focused on women and African culture, she also regularly contributes articles to newspapers including her own column in the Laudium Sun (Voice of the youth), she is a vlogger for entertainment and digital marketing purposes, regularly discusses topics surrounding the youth on radio and a public speaker. Her mission in life is to improve the lives of others with motivation, humour and encouragement.


Shafinaaz Hassim

Shafinaaz Hassim is a South African author and public sociologist. She is the author of ‘Daughters are Diamonds: Honour, Shame & Seclusion — A South African Perspective’ (2007), ‘Memoirs for Kimya’ (2009), and the critically acclaimed novel on domestic violence ‘SoPhia’ (2012).

Her new children’s novel series, Nisa Qamar was launched in October 2016.

A theatrical production inspired by the novel, SoPhiaTwenty20 was performed at the State Theatre during August 2014.

Her work has been shortlisted for the University of Johannesburg Creative Writing Prize and the prestigious K Sello Duiker Award 2013, and she has been awarded in Hay Festival’s category of top 39 authors under the age of 40 in Africa during the London Book Fair 2014.

She is also the editor of the Belly of Fire anthologies for social change series, which was launched in 2011 and the anthology, ‘Soul Seeds for Shade and Solitude’ (2014).

Her research focuses on biographical narrative in the interplay between personal and political spaces and she writes both fiction and non-fiction. She has lectured and presented seminars at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, Humboldt University in Berlin and at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.


Shaka Sisulu

Shaka Sisulu is a South African author, social activist, radio and television personality and entrepreneur in the media and technology sectors. Born in Leipzig, Germany, he is the grandson of the late ANC veteran Walter Sisulu and the son of former Speaker of Parliament Max Sisulu. Shaka is a co-founding member and executive director of the volunteer NGO Cheesekids, which has serves youth in townships and informal settlements. He is an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow, sits on the advisory council of the Public Sector Excellence Awards and the boards of both Love Life and the Foundation for a Safer South Africa. He was also a talk show host on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk. He also co-hosts  the SABC3 daytime talk show Trending SA, in which the panel and guests discuss trending hashtags of the day, commenting on issues that are currently active on social media.


Author Shenaaz Farred (Gaza Forgotten: A woman’s journey to an open air prison)


Soraya T. Hendricks

Soraya T. Hendricks is a writer with a great love of children, and is gifted with a mind that roams the fantastical, magical worlds of the great storytellers of the universe. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Soraya is from a background rich in cultural history, racial strife and cross-cultural healing. Her writings are born of her multi-cultural background, her empathy with children and her need to protect their hearts and souls. She currently resides in Johannesburg.


Stacey Fru

Stacey Fru, at only 10 years old is a multiple awards winning author.  She has written and illustrated two chapter books titled Smelly Cats (2015) and Bob the snake (2016). She wrote her first book at the age of seven. She is also a storyteller, poet and TV host.


Suhayla Kids in an online store for Muslim kids in South Africa stocking a wide range of books, toys, dolls and musalahs.


Suraya Dadoo

Suraya Dadoo is a researcher for the Johannesburg-based Media Review Network. She focuses on the impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian media, education, healthcare, and family life. Her articles have appeared in local and international publications, such as The Sunday Independent, The Star, Daily News, Cape Argus, Electronic Intifada, and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. She is also the co-author of a comprehensive reference book called Why Israel? The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid: A South African Perspective (Porcupine Press, 2013), and is currently working on a youth guide to understanding Palestine-Israel. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology from Rhodes University, and hopes to one day start the PhD that has been milling around in her head since forever. She is married and has two children, and lives in Lenasia, Johannesburg.


Thokozani Ndaba

Thokozani Ndaba is a South African theater practitioner, performer and educator. Her work comprises of activism, education, and research. She is a Ford Foundation Fellowship recipient who completed her Masters Degree at NYU’s Steinhardt Educational Theatre. Ndaba holds a BA in Applied Drama and Theater from the University of Witwatersrand. She specializes in facilitation and teaching. Thokozani does excellent work on social justice issues using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and a range of other applied theatre methodologies. She uses theater as a facilitation tool in communities and as an educational tool within the classroom. Ndaba currently works as a director for Macroscopia where she uses theatre to engage community in dialogue about issues that concerns them. She is the founder and director of Ntethelelo Foundation in Johannesburg, where she works with disadvantage youth with the main focus on self self-love and self respect. Ndaba works with different institutions and organizations tackling human rights violations globally. She is based in Johannesburg South Africa. She also uses theatre to explore homophobia, violence and gender-based violence, hate crimes against the LGBTI community in Africa. She raises awareness through theatre on LGBTI issues by training service providers such police officers, health workers and educators.


Tumelo Moleleki

Tumelo Moleleki is a 37 years old Software Test Analyst working for a company based in Bedfordview. She has written and published three books.


Yousuf Tilly

Yousuf Tilly is a dreamer, impractical and rumoured insane – which is why his stories have ended up in books, cinema, cosmetics bottles & long late night conversations. The tales vary but are all about inner adventures in an outer world, the life we all share. His creative adventures have winded through the arts, storytelling and have lasted decades now. No one knows if he’ll ever come home. Thanks for reading!


Yusuf Garda

Yusuf Garda is a former teacher, cricket player and upcoming author.


Dr. Zaheera Jina

Dr. Zaheera Jina holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. She is also the co-editor and contributing author of the anthology titled Riding the Samoosa Express: Personal Narratives of Marriage and Beyond.

Zaheera is the founder of the Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festivities (Jozisbbf), a non profit organisation that projects to cultivate a culture of reading and writing in South Africa through various literary events. “Surprise!” is her first children’s book and will be published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing in Texas, USA. Zaheera is presently compiling the second Samoosa Express book which is a Muslim Woman’s Guide to Marriage. She lives in Lenasia with her husband, two sons and many in-laws.


Zaheera Walker

Zaheera Walker writes thrillers and romance. She is self-published by choice and writes what she like to read. When she is not writing you will find her searching for her next adrenalin charged adventure.


Zara Valli

Zara Valli is the author of the fantasy novel Kryolia and the Quest for the Medallion. Follow her at www.zaravalli.co.za

Zayboon Motala is contributing author of Riding the Samoosa Express and author of a craft book for children. Zayboon is a teacher by profession and is involved in social work in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. She met with a bad accident and only walked again after eleven years of disability. She has a school named in her honour.